3M™ Zeta Plus™ Encapsulated System Scale-Up Filter Capsule with VR Series Media, 4583603VR06, 1/Case

  • 3M ID 7000051694
  • UPC 00054007967705

Combined ion exchange & physical entrapment virus removal mechanisms.

LP filter medium is non-pyrogenic, and is unlikely to case false positive results.

High contaminant holding capacity for economical filtration and reliable particle reduction.

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  • Combined ion exchange & physical entrapment virus removal mechanisms
  • LP filter medium is non-pyrogenic, and is unlikely to case false positive results
  • High contaminant holding capacity for economical filtration and reliable particle reduction
  • Viral log reduction
  • Economical purification product as adjunct or pre-filter to other viral clearance steps
  • Full range of scalable capsule and cartridge filter configurations that allows pilot testing and scale-up with the same materials that will be used in full-scale systems
  • FDA Drug Master File and USP Class VI Biological Safety that eases validation and regulatory submissions by providing vital documentation and traceability
  • Provides orthogonal method of viral clearance
  • Can replace or augment chromatography columns
  • Self-contained, single-use disposable capsule and cartridge modules for reduced labour time for changeouts and elimination of cleaning validation
  • Quality Control tested for media ion exchange capacity
  • Tested and optimized for pharmaceutical and biological service

Zeta Plus™ LP series media are depth filter media composed of inorganic filter aid and cellulose, are extremely low in extractables, and are designed specifically for the pharmaceutical industry.

The Zeta Plus LP series filter media are constructed with highly purified cellulose to minimize ß-glucan extractables and false positive LAL test results.

The positive charge exhibited by the filter media results in increased particle reduction efficiency.

The high contaminant capacity of the filter medium prolongs final filter life when LP media are used as a prefilter.



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